Who we are

The collapse of the health delivery system in 2007/2008 gave rise to great opportunities in the medical sector leading to the opening of Corporate 24 Medical Centre in December 2009. Corporate 24 Medical Centre is an upmarket 24hr Emergency and walk in facility; it is committed to offering world class medical services. It provides a one stop service in a homely environment with state of the art equipment. In these 4 years, it has since grown and become a key stakeholder providing quality health care in the health industry.

Corporate 24 Medical Centre started with a staff compliment of 15 and a capacity of 9 beds and a “matchbox” of a pharmacy. The staff compliment has since grown to over 75 and the numbers are expected to treble in the next year. The bed capacity has also increased to 16. The last year also saw the improvement and upgrading of the Pharmacy, Radiology department and the unit as a whole.

The Corporate 24 Medical Centre is the pacesetter for Corporate 24 HOSPITAL GROUP whose vision is to become the largest well recognized and respected medical service provider by all relevant stakeholders in Zimbabwe by the year 2015. Our mission is to give a memorable experience in 10mins. The founder and CEO of Corporate 24 Dr M. Joka is the first medical doctor to be awarded a business award. He has 7 accolades to his name.


Corporate 24 Medical Centre is a one stop shop facility that offers the following services 24hrs a day, 7days a week:

  • Emergency services Walk in facilities
  • Pharmacy
  • Vaccinations Laboratory
  • X-ray & ultrasound scan
  • Ambulance services


December 2013 saw the opening of Café 24. The coffee shop exhibits a spacious, warm welcoming ambience that leaves nothing to be desired for. Family and friends can enjoy some television entertainment, refreshments and Wi-Fi whilst their loved ones are being attended to