5 Critical Reasons Why You Should Keep an Eye on Your BP
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5 Critical Reasons Why You Should Keep an Eye on Your BP

Zimbabwean’s perception of high blood pressure is it’s something that is unique to our DNA. This idea is deeply ingrained in our belief systems, the same way sadza is a part of every meal. Over time, a lot of falsehoods have become braided in with the facts. The issue of blood pressure has been bandied about and used to describe feelings associated with stress or anxiety, that the seriousness of the condition has been lost in translation. The issue has been the subject matter of many comedy acts and unfortunately, this has taken away some of the gravity of the condition and the need to keep an eye on it. Here are five crucial reasons why you should keep a weather eye out on your blood


1. High Blood Pressure, the “Silent Killer”.


Blood pressure is largely a symptomless disease. Many medical studies have shown that symptoms such as headaches, nosebleeds, facial flushing and dizziness may be experienced only in the most extreme cases of high blood pressure known as hypertensive crisis, where blood pressure readings are dangerously high. While these symptoms must not be ignored, they can be unreliable and it is best to get your BP checked by a health professional or purchase a home testing kit to test your BP regularly.


2. Factors you cannot control.

A relatively healthy individual may have or be at the risk of high blood pressure and not be aware. Being African American/ African, being a woman, getting older and having a family member with high blood pressure are all factors that increase one’s risk to high blood pressure. Collated together this makes for a significant number of the world’s population. Do not take a chance with your health, even when you feel fine make sure by getting tested.


3. Complications during pregnancy.


While having a low or high blood pressure reading during pregnancy may be normal because of the hormonal changes and the increase in the volume of blood, blood pressure should be monitored carefully to keep both mother and baby safe. Untreated high blood pressure puts the mother and baby at many risks. These risks include, for the mother, preeclampsia, stroke, kidney disease, for the baby premature birth, poor growth and in extreme cases death for either or both. A pregnant woman responsible for the life of another/s should test regularly their BP as a preventative measure to make those nine months problem-free and the outcome a happy one.


4. Increased risk to chronic illnesses.


High blood pressure if not managed or treated, can lead to dire medical consequences. High blood pressure increases an individual’s risk to heart and artery damage, kidney diseases, vision loss, sexual dysfunction, memory loss and fluid in the lungs. Take charge of your blood pressure, know your numbers and reduce your risks to these fatal diseases.


5. Risks of Contraindication.


When a person has high blood pressure, certain medications can prove fatal by either raising blood pressure or interacting with BP medication in a manner that restricts effectiveness. The medical term describing this is contraindication. It is prudent to tell your doctor the medications you are on, ask for advice before taking any over the counter medications and herbal preparations and request alternatives to potentially harmful medications to avoid any negative effects.


Despite the gravity of the condition, high blood pressure can, with proper diet, exercise and management be controlled and in some cases reversed. Most health centres and medical practitioners offer BP testing services and advice. Corporate 24 Medical Centre is home to a multi-functional scale which offers an easy, affordable and non-surgical way of assessing one’ s health and reducing the risk of such ailments as heart disease and high blood pressure. The machine, one of its kind in Zimbabwe goes further to offer up a diet and exercise regime to help you achieve your health goals. Get your blood pressure tested today and take charge of your health.