How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath
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How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath


What causes it?? How do you get rid of it?? How do you prevent it???

There are 3 main places where bad breath could be coming from.
1. Oral cavity (mouth)
2. Respiratory system
3. Digestive System (gut)

If it’s coming from your mouth it could be caused by a tooth cavity (tooth decay), gum disease (swollen gums, puffy gums, bleeding gums, loose teeth), tonsillitis (swollen tonsils) or tonsil stones.
It could also be an infection in your mouth or a disease that is affecting the soft tissues in your mouth leading to bad breath.

Respiratory diseases that could lead to bad breath are pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic sinus infections or post nasal drip.

Illnesses of the digestive system that could cause bad breath are chronic acid reflux, diabetes, even liver or kidney problems.

This is not to frighten you but it is to just make you aware that bad breath is not just as simple as saying someone has poor oral hygiene. When someone is not getting fresh breath even after brushing teeth it might mean it goes beyond an issue of just not brushing their teeth..

So how do we get rid of bad breath?? just visit your dentist.

Get your oral cavity checked regularly.
If tooth decay is the cause of bad breath, you can get a filling done, root canal treatment or an extraction (pull out the tooth) if it is already too badly broken down. If you have gingivitis (gum disease) you can get cleaning done which is going to remove hardened plaque which we call calculus or tartar and clean out the bacteria causing the puffiness of your gums. Getting professional cleaning done, which we call scaling and polishing, gives you a fresh clean mouth and it stops gum bleeding. One is supposed to have scaling and polishing done every 6 months.

If your dentist does not find anything wrong with your oral cavity then he/she will refer you to a medical doctor to then rule out all other causes of bad breath.

We hope this helps someone!

Feel free to ask questions, we love to educate on oral health.