Let's Talk About Gum Disease
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Let's Talk About Gum Disease

Do your gums sometimes bleed when you are brushing your teeth?? Do you still have bad breath even after brushing your teeth?? Are your gums swollen and puffy and painful when you are eating??

You may be suffering from gum disease…

Gum disease is a broad term used when a person has either gingivitis or periodontitis. In most cases it is caused by the accumulation of hardened plaque called calculus which then harbours bacteria that then causes swelling of the gums. When the gums are swollen then can be painful and they easily bleed when brushing teeth. At this stage, the gum disease is called GINGIVITIS.

If not treated, the infection will spread to the bone and the bone is eaten away forming what are called POCKETS between your teeth. This is when one starts having food packing between their teeth that can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. This stage of gum disease is called PERIODONTITIS. This infection can spread further down the root of the tooth and to other teeth causing mobility of the teeth and eventually loss of teeth.

When one has gum disease they more often than not have issues with bad breath because the smell will be coming from the infection which will not go away by just brushing your teeth. To treat this you would have to go and get your teeth cleaned by a dentist. The dentist will use special equipment to remove the hard calculus/tartar that cannot be removed by a toothbrush.

This is why we encourage people to visit their dentist every 6months to help remove plaque/calculus and prevent gum disease. On that note, did you know that Corporate24 Dental Unit is now open???

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