Admissions Policy

The following is a guideline of our requirements for admissions.

1. Please handover all medications from home to the attending nurses. You may not consume such medications without your attending specialist’s approval.

2. Please leave all valuables at home and that includes:

• Large amounts of cash

• Expensive electronic equipment/gadgets

• Jewellery

3. You should bring the following items for personal use as the hospital will not provide:

• Pyjamas / Dressing Gowns

• Slippers

• Personal Toiletries

• Bottled water

4. Please take care of your personal belongings Corporate 24 Hospital Group will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly in any way for any loss or damage to your personal property that you bring in the hospital.

5. Please advise our Loss Control Department/Front Desk if you have left your car in the parking whilst admitted.

6. The following items will be available as part of our entertainment package: 

• Cable channels i.e. DSTV/KWESE

• Toys are available for pediatric patients

• You will get a daily copy of the local newspaper

7. You are allowed to upgrade or downgrade your suites during your stay with us.

8. Your attending specialist is required to be on the pre-approved panel list of doctors that have registered with Corporate 24.

Please note: Corporate 24 charges are separate from Specialist Charges.

9. Payment terms for Corporate 24 bills will only be applicable on amounts exceeding $200

10. Discharge Policy.

a) Once your discharge has been confirmed by your specialist, all billing formalities have to be done and authorization of discharge has to be approved by Front Desk.

b) This may take up to 2-3 hours. Please be patient to ensure that all billing modalities and all clinical issues are finalized.

c) Ensure that Doctors orders, prescriptions or any investigations have been clearly explained and all relevant documents collected.

d) Ensure that all drugs and personal belongings have been signed off before leaving the Corporate 24 Premises.

11. To all those valued clients who would have paid a deposit for admissions, all refunds will be processed within 3-7 days working days. You may contact our finance department on +263 4 701113-4 for any queries should they arise.

12. All outstanding amounts should be payable within 30days, failure of which your account will be handed to the debt collection department.

13. If you are interested in joining Corporate 24 Medical Aid please feel free to engage our Liaison Officers for further assistance.

14. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to let us know, you may ask to see the Matron, Liaison Officer or Quality Control Manager who will be able to assist you.



Mornings: 1030hrs - 1130hrs
Evenings: 1630hrs -1800hrs

Corporate 24 maintains a strict visitors policy. We encourage all our patients and relatives to comply to the policy in order to avoid disruption of normal hospital visits and any unnecessary inconveniences.

Please note that no visitors will be allowed outside prescribed time tables except when patients are admitted in private suits. Only two visitors are allowed per patient per given time.

For Pediatric Patients, ONLY PARENTS/GUARDIANS AND GRAND PARENTS are allowed to visit at any given time.

The next of Kin or patient is required to compile a list of authorized visitors and present to the Front Desk. Only authorized visitors will be allowed visiting rights.

All visitors are required to produce an ID and register at the Loss Control Department located at the hospital entrance.

Pastors visiting outside prescribed time tables are required to produce their pastoral identity, if not, access will be denied.

Cooked food from home is not allowed, we have personalized menus on offer to suit your preferences. However, fruits and juices are allowed.